Creating a new Combi Dashboard

Select ‘Combi Dashboards’ from the menu on the left hand side of the page; 

Above the table of existing Combi Dashboards, is the option to 'Add New Combi Dashboard', select this option

A popup will be presented and the following fields will need completing;

  • Name of Dashboard - Enter a name to identify the Combi Dashboard in your account
  • Clients - Select which Client (s) 's dashboards you wish to combine
  • Date Range - Select the initial date range for the Combi Dashboard
  • Client Dashboard Selections;

         Within the Client Dashboard Selection, a dropdown will have appeared for each 
         Client you've previously selected.
         These dropdowns list all the Dashboard within a Client
         Simply select the Dashboards you wish to combine. One or multiple Dashboards 
         can be selected per Client

NOTE - A Combi Dashboard can contain Dashboards from a single Client up to a maximum of 15 Clients 

NOTE - There is no limit to the number of Dashboards that can be added to one Combi Dashboard

    Confirm your selection and create your Combi Dashboard  by pressing 'Save'